I work as supplier in hardware for construction companies The companies order hundreds of pieces of hardware for numerous commercial developments. Our client’s place orders for materials months ahead of time but their list of materials are consistently changing due to amendments in development plans. Every time a change is made, the client sends us the revisions using the same order forms and the responsibility is on us to find out what details have changed on their order. Locating a change from 100 pieces 1 inch, hardcore 10/32 panhead bolts, to 100, 1.5 inch 10/32 panhead bolts can be difficult when ordered with a few hundred different pieces of hardware are on that list.

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack!

I just called ChimpKey. Their system was able to allow us to enter in the order details capturing every part number. We didn’t even have to enter it by hand. We decided to built our own system using excel to locate the changes from the same orders that are being submitted, they’re amended by the client. These minor needle in a haystack detailed changes that clients made created the biggest headaches for us, but who knew that these issues could have been solved with just a few cent’s and no time on our part.

Mr. Asef Zade, Hardware Supplier