I’m an accountant, my job is to go back into entered records to locate problems and find out what went wrong with the entry. The most typical problems are errors. This happens when the data is manually entered. There was no way around it. People make errors every now and then and with accounting an extra Zero’s found in the total fields make a huge difference in our end balances.

I found the solution…using ChimpKey to solve the issues. It cuts my cost of paying staff to enter the data and cuts my work load to almost zero. Their system is 100% accurate with distributing the information being sent into accounting system, It also helps me locate the issues with errors submitted on the original forms. ChimpKey has built in safe guards that alert me when there are duplicate entries. It recognizes when the totals of the line objects don’t add up to the end balance.

This saves me a tonne of time cleaning up the mistakes people make. Any errors that occur are now found with the originators of the documents. I love it when I’m right and they’re wrong!

Lisa Whistler,