PDF to XML Conversion for Invoice and Order Extraction

What is ChimpKey?

ChimpKey eliminates and automates repetitive data entry of your business documents by converting the PDF files you already receive by email  today, into a clean, 100% accurate, useable XML, X.12, EDIFACT, or CSV file. We specialize in Invoices, Purchase Orders, Release Orders, Packing slips etc, but we can work with almost any document.

How do I use ChimpKey for invoice or Order Automation?

Very simple.

  1. Attach your PDF or Excel file to an email and forward it to our private and secure server email address.
  2. Within 5 minutes, you will receive back a file of your choice (XML,EDIFACT,X12,CSV,TXT etc).
  3. Load the data file into your internal system bypassing the data entry.

Too good to be true?

Other systems use OCR to “read” the data off of a page. ChimpKey uses a proprietary engine created by our team of engineers that can auto extract information from a computer generated (non scanned) PDF without errors. In order to achieve this, we make a “template” of your PDF so that the engine knows exactly where to find the information on the PDF. Once this template has been created, you are ready to convert as many PDFs as you need in seconds.

Who uses Chimpkey?

ChimpKey is used globally by Distributors, Distribution Warehouses, Customs Brokers, Logistics Companies, Vehicle Importers, Chemical Analysis labs, Accountants, Government, Banks, Manufacturing Plants and more. They all came to us because they wanted a way of converting their incoming Invoices, Purchase Orders, Packing Slips, Release Orders etc into a file they could use to bypass the data entry.


ChimpKey fits into any business if you have more than two hours of data entry a week, then give us a call at 1-888-373-1365


To see more technical information, click here for the ChimpKey FAQ


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