Absolutely, this is a wonderful solution to finally automating your incoming documents. Traditional EDI is a very expensive and involved process that can take months or years to implement with a lot of changes. ChimpKey will allow you to go EDI within days with nothing to install. E-invoicing is very popular these days, so we have great solutions for SAP, Navision, Quickbooks, Sage 50, Great Plains, Business Vision, and more.

Yes, you simply add a few lines to the email you send out, and a link to download our free conversion tool. Once your client receives the email, they can push the Invoice into Quickbooks, Sage 50, or Great Plains in one click right from within Adobe PDF Reader at no charge. This is great for customer retention.

Yes, email is just one of the many ways we allow customers to convert PDFs. We support FTP, AS2, EDI, SFTP, HTTP, and more. We are here to help, just tell us what you need.

Yes, this service is 100% automated and secure. Each document we process needs a template that we create for you specifically and this allows the ChimpKey server to read the document. Once the template is ready, you can immediately start using it to convert individual or batch PDFs 24-7-365. Templates can also add/modify and change data as its read. Just ask us. Yes, it’s that easy.

No, as long as they are sending you PDFs that are not scanned then we can do the rest, and you benefit by bypassing the data entry. If they are sending you scanned documents or faxes today, then simply ask them to use one of the many free PDF print drivers available on the web to create & email the PDF, it’s one less step for them too.

Our clients range from very small companies to large international organizations. If you truly want to eliminate your data entry, give us a try. It’s simple enough for anyone to use. We truly mean that.

The other tools you will find on the web are for grabbing data off a PDF without regard for any kind of logical layout, which is similar to highlighting the text and pasting it into word. The resulting file will not be compatible with your internal systems. ChimpKey is a professional grade converter that will deliver you the exact file you need formatted for your preferred software, not just a fancy copy & paste.

Yes, absolutely. Our templates can do a lot more than just read the data. They can transform, parse, filter, lookup, hardcode, and many other useful things that help you achieve the exact file you are looking for. Once converted, ChimpKey can upload or email the file to one or more recipients.

Yes! You can reach out to us and if you are not satisfied with our solution, we will give you a complete refund within a month of use. Take the next step and see for yourself, just fill out the form below and test drive ChimpKey!

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