About us


ChimpKey is a full service provider of e-invoicing, e-ordering and document conversion tools. We eliminate and automate repetitive data entry of your business documents. Maker of the cutting-edge ChimpKey PDF conversion service, we provide 100% accurate, quick and extremely easy conversion of your PDF and Excel files into your preferred software’s format. Our service is 100% SaaS which allows you to implement ChimpKey with either none or minimal changes or installation.

converting the PDF files you already receive by email today, into a clean, 100% accurate, useable XML, X.12, EDIFACT, or CSV file.


ChimpKey is committed to providing the highest quality service. To that end we have a dedicated team of professionals that can asses and execute even the most complex scenarios that are needed for successful adoption and usability of e-invoicing and e-ordering.

We realize that the documents you submit can be sensitive. To protect your valuable data, we utilize industry standard SSL encryption in our communication. Our servers are capable of AS2,SFTP,HTTPS and SOAP 1.2 all with the highest level of security.

Document Conversion

ChimpKey’s document conversion is second to none. We specialize in Invoices, Purchase Orders, Release Orders, Packing slips etc, but we can work with almost any document. We convert the PDF files you already receive by email today, into a clean, 100% accurate, useable XML, X.12, EDIFACT, or CSV file.

With unprecedented flexibility we have yet to find an original PDF document that we can’t decode and deliver the desired conversion successfully. Conversions are not limited to simply pulling data from a PDF and re-formatting.

Our conversion engine can recognize extremely complex documents including multiple pages, multiple separate documents in a PDF, extraneous pages, converting multiple PDFs into one output file and more. In addition, converting is not limited to simply delivering the exact fields from a document, we have a very sophisticated parsing engine that can be utilized in a template for a variety of parsing needs such as stripping extra characters from text, finding keywords on pages, truncation, summarizing, augmentation and any regular expression parsing. In addition, we have the capability of database lookups as well as adding static values to conversions.


To date, ChimpKey has processed over 7 Million documents. In addition we have had 100% uptime since we began this service in 2008.In order to achieve this level of conversion reliability, we employ both advanced failover techniques as well as multiple servers in different geographical regions plus replication. Most web service providers offer 99.9% uptime, we are proud to offer 100%.

Mapping & Technical Support

Our mapping department is ready to create and deploy maps quickly and easily to you. Because our converters are server based, there is no downtime or changes needed to implement a new client’s template. We simply email you confirmation that the document is useable and you can begin adding the new document to your data stream. Depending on the complexity of the document, we can normally create templates for a new document in 2 business days.

Too good to be true?

Other systems use OCR to “read” the data off of a page. ChimpKey uses a proprietary engine created by our team of engineers that can auto extract information from a computer generated (non scanned) PDF without errors. In order to achieve this, we make a “template” of your PDF so that the engine knows exactly where to find the information on the PDF. Once this template has been created, you are ready to convert as many PDFs as you need in seconds.


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