quickbooks transfer


Need to switch to Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online?

Chimpkey’s conversion service allows you to easily convert your Sage 50/Simply accounting file to Quickbooks in no time. And, its easy too!


What you get

ChimpKey converts everything necessary to get you up and running in Quickbooks. This includes:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Vendor List and current balance
  • Employee List
  • Departments
  • Projects (last 2 years)
  • Customer List and current balances
  • Item List and inventory on hand
  • Current and Historical AR
  • Current and Historical AP
  • Payroll financial transactions
  • Journal entries

This allows you to have a complete set of books with full Balance sheet, Profit&loss and all the other financial reports you’ve been generating all along.


What we don’t convert

The ChimpKey conversion will convert your books 100% financially accurate to the Sage Company file. However, there are a few transaction types that do not affect the financial reports that we do not transfer over:

  • Multi-currency transactions (everything would be converted to home currency)
  • Individual Invoice details (ie Invoice #, due date, line items).
  • Invoice Templates and logos.
  • Purchase Orders and Sales Orders
  • Payroll summary data (however there is a easy process to get this afterwards)
  • Budgets


How much does it cost?

Converting your file depends on what you want to convert to:

Convert from Convert To Price
Sage 50/Simply Accounting Quickbooks Online $499
Sage 50/Simply Accounting Quickbooks Desktop $499


How long does it take?

3 Business days from the receipt of the Sage 50 backup file.


What will I need to do once I receive my Quickbooks File?

To make the conversion as easy as possible, we provide a video to guide you through the post conversion steps you need to follow to get your Quickbooks file ready for use. They include:

  • Adjust GST/PST/HST
  • Reconcile Bank.
  • Setup Payroll YTD


How do I get started?

Click here: Request Conversion


With ChimpKey’s Sage/Simply to Quickbooks conversion, we let you easily transfer your Sage 50/Simply company file to Quickbooks so you can get on with your business!

For any questions regarding the Transfer to Quickbooks, contact us!