I run a successful retail chain mainly for selling Mountain Climbing gear. I carry over a dozen different brands and hundreds of items. I place orders every week to my suppliers to restock my inventory. I figured my time was better spent managing my stores and staff, than managing my paper work. I called ChimpKey to automate my inventory. I currently use Fishbowl, and also had them automate the orders and invoices directly entered into my Quickbooks. I wanted to minimize the amount of work I gave to my accountant. I pay my accountant hourly for any document my accountant manages. I was tired of the cost associated with that. I no longer have to worry about the cost or the hassle of keeping up with my data entry. It now only takes me 1 hour a week to manage it all using my ChimpKey and the cost is only a fraction of what I was paying out.”

Jeffrey Costa, Manager

I’m an accountant, my job is to go back into entered records to locate problems and find out what went wrong with the entry. The most typical problems are errors. This happens when the data is manually entered. There was no way around it. People make errors every now and then and with accounting an extra Zero’s found in the total fields make a huge difference in our end balances.

I found the solution…using ChimpKey to solve the issues. It cuts my cost of paying staff to enter the data and cuts my work load to almost zero. Their system is 100% accurate with distributing the information being sent into accounting system, It also helps me locate the issues with errors submitted on the original forms. ChimpKey has built in safe guards that alert me when there are duplicate entries. It recognizes when the totals of the line objects don’t add up to the end balance.

This saves me a tonne of time cleaning up the mistakes people make. Any errors that occur are now found with the originators of the documents. I love it when I’m right and they’re wrong!

Lisa Whistler,

I work as supplier in hardware for construction companies The companies order hundreds of pieces of hardware for numerous commercial developments. Our client’s place orders for materials months ahead of time but their list of materials are consistently changing due to amendments in development plans. Every time a change is made, the client sends us the revisions using the same order forms and the responsibility is on us to find out what details have changed on their order. Locating a change from 100 pieces 1 inch, hardcore 10/32 panhead bolts, to 100, 1.5 inch 10/32 panhead bolts can be difficult when ordered with a few hundred different pieces of hardware are on that list.

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack!

I just called ChimpKey. Their system was able to allow us to enter in the order details capturing every part number. We didn’t even have to enter it by hand. We decided to built our own system using excel to locate the changes from the same orders that are being submitted, they’re amended by the client. These minor needle in a haystack detailed changes that clients made created the biggest headaches for us, but who knew that these issues could have been solved with just a few cent’s and no time on our part.

Mr. Asef Zade, Hardware Supplier

I work for as a manager for a large supply company we receive thousands of electronic items that need to be distributed to various sections of the company. My job is to receive the items, record the parts numbers, ID’s into my inventory database and finally re-tag the new merchandise with another piece of software for our company’s tracking purposes. Sometimes one of the orders would take a whole day just to enter and a whole other day to tag. Data entry was a full time job and I hated it with a passion! lol…still do!


Our company only works with a handful of suppliers. I had ChimpKey deal with the incoming orders and had the suppliers email me a PDF of the order they sent us. I installed ChimpKey software. Every time I get an order, I open up the PDF file to confirm that the order was right and everything was right. It populated my inventory database and at the same time I got ChimpKey to take the ID numbers from the order and populate my other database so I can just print out the tags. It was that simple!

Laurie Summers,