Simple Explanation: ChimpKey is an AI tool that reads PDFs from your email,
then automatically data enters them into your accounting or ERP system


For the Techy: ChimpKey is a business grade automated engine that converts your PDFs
to the EDI file format your system needs to achieve EASY and error-free EDI with your clients.


Perfect for online retailers/etail, e-invoicing, or anyone who receives
a lot of Invoices, Purchase orders or other business documents.


Data Files that have been Processed


We process thousands of files per day. Our Data conversion and automation Service saves companies around the world countless hours in repetitive, manual data entry so that they can put more time and focus on their bottom line.


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Our Specialties...

  • Conversion of PDF to XML (UBL, cXML, OIOUBL, Custom XML etc)
  • PDF to EDI (X.12, EDIFACT, Flatfile etc)
  • PDF to CSV (CSV, TSV, Excel etc)
  • AS2 as a service/AS2 Hosting Services

100% Accurate , and it's fully automated!

We can process an unlimited amount of documents with ZERO errors. Not only will your data entry be perfect, it will also be Safe and Secure.

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Simplifying data entry in any Industry


Managing order forms, customer contracts, manufacturing agreements, shipping documentation, and product design forms will save you valuable time and resources when using ChimpKey


Not only do your products and items have to get to where they need to be, your Data does as well. ChimpKey assures that your Data gets from point A to B in the quickest, most reliable way possible.


We work with Shipping, Transport, Communication companies , Customs Brokerage firms and everyone else in the Supply Chain. ChimpKey makes sure their documents are on the Fast Track.


We optimize your department''s work flow by processing Data into your Payroll & Accounting software with speed and perfect Accuracy. Count on us for a Quick and Error Free solution.

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What customers say

  • I run a Convenience Store
    I've used ChimpKey since 2015. I am a wholesale supplier to a variety of Convenience stores. There are a lot of line items in my invoices and it takes forever to type them in and get the UPC code correct. ChimpKey automated it so that…
  • Online Retailer/e-tailer
    I am the IT director of a large online retail website since 2014.  We have hundreds of suppliers that make up the products we sell on the website. Once the order is placed we were getting a PDF invoice emailed to us. Very quickly we…
  • I am a mechanical contracting company
    My Mechanical contracting company in Texas had a problem. We had invoices coming from about 50 different vendors and each one needed to be entered and attached to a particular Job so that we could create bills for our clients at the end of the…
  • Worth every penny & the best I’ve ever worked with!
    5 stars! Don't let the name fool you. This is seriously excellent software. The ChimpKey folks are very serious about what they do and they are THE BEST to work with, a great customer service experience. They know exactly what they are doing. My requirements…

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