Our Commitments

We believe that companies that can do more, should. That’s why we focus on giving back to society to benefit the future of humanity and our planet.

As a Canadian company, we are committed to supporting Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives at home. ChimpKey supports and contributes monthly to strong and authentic organizations

B.C.'s Children’s Hospital

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The Greater Vancouver Food Bank

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Because I'm a Girl

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100 Men Who Care

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Jane Goodall Institute

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Helping our society one step at a time

Meet Kabi

Our adopted chimpanzee Kabi lives in the forest. Highly intelligent, chimpanzees hunt cooperatively and use tools, such as branches and sticks, to forage for food. These omnivores survive on a diet of ripe fruits, young leaves, stems, roots, seeds, bark, and insects.

Once found in 25 African countries, chimpanzees are now extinct in three or four and are nearing extinction in others due to deforestation and commercial hunting for bushmeat.

All subspecies of chimpanzees are endangered.

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