I've used ChimpKey since 2015. I am a wholesale supplier to a variety of Convenience stores. There are a lot of line items in my invoices and it takes forever to type them in and get the UPC code correct. ChimpKey automated it so that they flow in so easily. My job is now to just oversee the invoices and not type them in. Its great!

Jeffrey Costa, Manager

I am the IT director of a large online retail website since 2014.  We have hundreds of suppliers that make up the products we sell on the website. Once the order is placed we were getting a PDF invoice emailed to us. Very quickly we got overwhelmed with the data entry of all of these PDFs. We contacted ChimpKey and they mapped our incoming invoice so that they would go right from our inbox into our QuickBooks without any intervention or data entry. It has saved us a HUGE amount of time. We now focus on dealing with new customer and exception situations and not the data entry. I highly recommend ChimpKey to any Online retailer.

J. Anderson - Online retail IT manager.


Lisa Whistler,

My Mechanical contracting company in Texas had a problem. We had invoices coming from about 50 different vendors and each one needed to be entered and attached to a particular Job so that we could create bills for our clients at the end of the month. ChimpKey setup a workflow situation for us so that the invoices come in PDF via email and then the job # is tracked down and posted with the Invoice to QuickBooks It saves me a lot of time and a lot of headache. We absolutely love it and would not be able to do what we do without it anymore.

Jane H. - Medium size Mechanical contracting company in Florida and Georgia.

Mr. Asef Zade, Hardware Supplier

5 stars!

Don't let the name fool you. This is seriously excellent software. The ChimpKey folks are very serious about what they do and they are THE BEST to work with, a great customer service experience. They know exactly what they are doing. My requirements were demanding. They listened. They produced flawlessly. Over 600 invoices in one batch into QuickBooks Online perfectly...not one single glitch. No other software could do what they did. Thank you ChimpKey.

M. Favino  - Drywall company in New York State.

Laurie Summers,