PDF Invoice to XML Conversion for Invoice Automation


Achieving a Paperless Office by Using a PDF Conversion service

Even though it may not be possible to absolutely go paperless in business administration, the reduction of paper consumption through the creation of functional and shareable electronic information will go along way in boosting efficiency. With ChimpKey you can convert information from paper to electronic and process documents with ease.

ChimpKey allows businesses to exchange documents like invoices, monthly bills, purchase orders, medical forms, survey forms, questionnaires, etc in PDF format only to have the receiving party hand enter the information into their systems. As result it’s advisable to get ChimpKey it’s capable of PDF to XML conversion, PDF to EDI conversion as well as PDF Invoice conversion. ChimpKey will read the data off the PDF, then deliver a file that can be imported directly into the system thereby eliminating printing the data and entering into in house systems.

Furthermore, by automating your data processing with ChimpKey you’ll have no need to spend time on the quality control process like data verification or validation. This is common with the manual process. Your documents will also have the opportunity of interacting with each other, information will be pushed in with your accounting system and order entry or custom built program.

The majority of e-document service providers out there are more concerned with high volume suppliers who send EDI or similar documents directly from their billing systems. Suppliers end up spending more time and money on changing their billing systems. This may not be affordable for a small business owner nor will they have the time or patience to do so. Some providers offer portals for low volume businesses for the purpose of creating and sending their invoices. This option may not be ideal for medium-based businesses with their own billing systems. In most cases its advisable to make use of software as a service (SaaS), like ChimpKey that’s flexible.

There are great benefits from working towards reducing the cost of processing your documents and increasing visibility of your transactions by going paperless. Embracing ChimpKey that will make conversion and processing documents easier. You can communicate with your different systems by linking them together by using the same electronic paperwork that you are using already. This eradicate the redundancy and data entry mistakes made by people entering the data. As the volume of the data you need to process increases, you won’t need extra data entry staff, you already have ChimpKey that can handle any volume of data.

Software like the ChimpKey PDF to XML converter can automate your business documents and move you leaps and bounds towards the paperless life.

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